Short-Term Staff Support

YMI works with a team of independent consultants who are available to provide short-term staff support. Common scenarios when organizations choose to hire additional support include:

Conferences & Events 
When your staff is stretched a little too thin or an emergency left you short-staffed, hire extra help and keep your event running smoothly.

Grant-Funded Program Management 
When it doesn’t make sense to increase your FTEs because you’re still working on the financial sustainability of a new program, bring in a YMI consultant. We’ll keep your program running well (or get it off the ground) and you won’t have to worry about a potential layoff.

Learn more about YMI’s Program Management Services.

Temporary Leave of Absence (Maternity/Paternity Leave, Medical Leave, etc.) 
When you have a staffing gap during a temporary leave of absence, hire a YMI consultant. We’ll keep your programs running smoothly and help your existing staff avoid burnout.

Staff Transitions 
When a staff member leaves or transitions to a new role, hire a YMI consultant to provide short-term support while you interview new candidates.

YMI consultants have years of experience working with youth, love the thrill of seeing youth thrive, and come with excellent program and event management skills.

Cost: varies. The initial consultation and a proposal will be provided for free.

Contact us to discuss your short-term staffing needs. We know that the need for short-term support often surfaces at the last-minute, and we welcome last-minute requests. 

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