Conference & Event Support

Instead of working crazy long days during your next conference or event and feeling like you need a month-long vacation once it’s over, consider bringing in some additional staff support. YMI consultants can fill a variety of roles, easing the burden on you and your staff. Common requests for conference and event support include:

General Event Support 
This person will jump in wherever you need them to provide general administrative and logistical support.

Managing Volunteers 
This person can conduct on-site volunteer training, assess volunteer strengths, adjust volunteer placements as needed, and conduct a post-event volunteer survey.

Managing a special Youth Track, Competition, or Outing
This person can be placed in charge of a special youth track, competition, or outing, keeping the logistics organized and the participants in the right place at the right time.

Facilitating Youth Leadership Team Meetings
This person is a skilled facilitator and can help your youth leaders stay on track and make progress.

YMI consultants are energetic, engaging, and motivated. We know that conference management is exhausting, so we focus on supporting your staff and youth leaders while providing excellent event management services.

Cost: varies. The initial consultation and a proposal will be provided for free.

Contact us to discuss your conference & event needs. We know that the need for event support often surfaces at the last-minute, and we welcome last-minute requests. 

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