Program Development & Management

If your organization is looking to outsource youth program development and/or management, YMI offers several service options.

Program DevelopmentĀ 
Developing and launching a new program requires a large investment of time, energy, and resources. Many organizations function better by outsourcing this short-term task of program creation and then bringing the completed program back under the umbrella of staff oversight after its launch. If you’re looking to build and launch a new program, let’s talk. Our team of consultants have experience designing everything from small, local youth meetings to national programs, conferences, and campaigns.

Program Management
YMI consultants are available to provide program management services. We staff programs that are short-term (6 weeks or less) or programs of any length that can be primarily managed off-site. We do not staff any programs longer than 6 weeks that require on-site management.

Cost: varies. The initial consultation and a proposal will be provided for free.

Contact us to discuss your programming needs.

Additional YMI services: Short-Term Staff Support, Conference & Event Support, Leadership Training, Advocacy Training.