Advocacy Training

Effective advocacy isn’t about sharing everything you know. It’s about influencing change. Our advocacy trainings equip young leaders to effectively engage with legislators, legislative staff, and government administrators in order to influence change in laws and regulations.

The Role of Public Policy 

Public policies – the laws that govern our society – are like the foundation of a building. If a once-in-a-lifetime storm rolls through and there’s water in your basement, you might not think much of it. If your basement floods every time it rains, however, you have a problem. You’ll have to spend a lot of time draining the water. Mold might start to grow, bringing along threats to your health. Public policies, federal regulations, and the rules surrounding their implementation have a similar function. They won’t work perfectly all the time, but they should work, and work well, most of the time. When a system is continually breaking down, it’s time for change.

If your young leaders are ready to engage in the legislative process, we’re here to train and equip them for success.

Advocacy 101: An Introduction to Advocacy 
A presentation style workshop covering educational and legislative advocacy and ways to discern which approach (or combination) best fits your needs.

Duration: 1 Hour
Format: Live or Online
Cost: $500*

Advocacy 201: Creating an Advocacy Plan 
A highly interactive training that leads participants through the stages of outlining an advocacy plan, complete with actions steps and deadlines.

Duration: 2-4 Hours, customized to your needs
Format: Live or Online
Cost: $1,500*

Advocacy 301: Preparing for Legislative Visits 
Based on the advocacy plan produced during the previous session and the experience level of participants, this customized training covers items ranging from legislative meeting protocol and best practices to the creation of supporting materials and tips for follow-up.

Duration: 2-4 Hours, customized to your needs
Format: Live or Online
Cost: $1,500*

Advocacy 401: Lobbying & Legislative Visits 
YMI can host, accompany, and debrief legislative visits with your youth leadership teams. Your youth will be the voice and face of your campaign, but we manage day-of logistics, accompany them on meetings, and help them debrief and improve their strategy as they progress.

Duration: varies
Format: Live
Cost: varies based on location, duration, and number of participants

*Travel costs, where applicable, are billed in addition to this rate. 

Please note that our consultants facilitate and help to direct conversations, but we do not lobby on your behalf. We focus on equipping and empowering your youth to be the voice of your campaign.

Contact us to schedule a training or to discuss a collaboration.

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